About Choice Forex

Our foreign exchange business grew naturally from the activities and experience of our parent company. Choice International has been handling cross-border payments since 2004, and now manages well in advance of $2 billion of payments and remittances each year. During that time it's become a highly respected organisation, assisting the UK police, government and HMRC to investigate, and in some cases prosecute, perpetrators of financial crime.

As the Choice business grew, the creation of a dedicated department to handle international business transactions became a natural progression. This led to the decision in 2006 to set up a specialist subsidiary company, and so Choice Forex was born.

Committed to Compliance

As banks have become increasingly focused on risks in identified regions, in many cases withdrawing their activities from whole areas of the globe, Choice has chosen to focus on the actual parties in a transaction, not on blanket decisions regarding global location. This has required the development of the most robust compliance processes to be found anywhere in the FX marketplace.

Distributed banking model

Distributed Banking Model

Choice Forex has established relationships with several global banks. This allows greater stability and flexibility in payment speed and routing, and insulates our customers from changes in policy or international reach. All of our partner banks have fully approved and accepted our compliance methods.

Purpose-built forex app

Payments on Tap

If you're serious about dealing internationally, then you'll need a serious toolkit to help you keep control of your payments.

Our newly updated, purpose-built online app is comprehensive, easy to use, and puts the very latest movements on your account just a finger-tap away.

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Transactions Only

Our business model is strictly transaction-based and for tangible goods only. We work exclusively business-to-business, and don't speculate in currency markets, futures or investments. nor do we take any financial interest in the products being bought or sold. Every transaction we assist is in accordance with an identified transaction, backed by a corresponding invoice.

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100% end-to-end diligence

Our 100%, non-stop monitoring of every transaction we manage may well be unique. We believe that it's only by constant, comprehensive vigilance that we can protect your interests and good name.

We're not here just to exchange currencies for you. We're here to support your business.